Big letdown thus far in Big D

The 2012-2013 version of the Dallas Mavericks has thus far been a huge disappointment despite many of the key additions and free agent signings made by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. During the off-season, the Mavs went out and signed O.J. Mayo, Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, and trade C Mihini to the Pacers for PG Darren Collison and defensive ace SF Dahntay Jones. The Mavericks also continue to field Vince Carter, Rodi Beaubois, Shawn Marion, and of course all time great Dirk Nowitzki. Rounding out the Mavs’ roster is the veteran Mike James, journeyman Bradan Wright, and 4 youngsters in Dominque Jones, Jae Crowder, Jared Cunningham, and Bernard James.


To be fair, Dirk Nowitzki did go down with a knee injury that required surgery and allowed him to play in only 23 of the Mavs’ 53 games thus far. A knee injury to their superstar player definitely did not help the Mavs get off to the start they would have liked to but while this has gone on, so too has poor PG play from Dallas’ PG trio of Darren Collison,  Rodi Beaubois, and Mike James. It is clear that the Mavericks miss having former PG Jason Kidd and that O.J. Mayo’s play has been the lone bright spot on another wise thus far blotched season. Prior to the start of this season, the Mavs looked poised to have one of the deepest teams in the league, but thus far they are a team that has fallen into a perhaps insurmountably deep abyss. Were the Lakers not so bad this season, more people would be talking about how bad this Dallas team has shown itself to be this season. In response to his team’s poor play, Mark Cuban has said that any and all deals will be looked at that could improve his team.


Currently the Mavs are 23-29, leaving them in 10th place in the West and 6.5 games back of the Houston Rockets who currently occupy the 8th and final seed. With the trade deadline looming, it remains to be seen what moves the Mavericks will make if any. This season partially due to the Dirk injury but mostly due to the other 11 Mavs’ horrendous team play, this season on the brink of being a complete disaster. Darren Collison with his paltry 13 ppg and average 5.5. assists , most certainly has to leave Cuban wishing for D.Will whom he was not able to sign in the off season. Rodi Beaubois has yet to fulfill his much hyped potential, and Dirk Nowitzki remains to be a super star in decline. O.J. Mayo however is the one Maverick that´s come to play every single night. Mayo leads the team in scoring. While it´s highly unlikely given their current play, that this Mavs team will make the Playoffs, it is very likely that Mark Cuban will make the necessary changes to field a competitive team once again. The road to the 8th spot will be a very tough one for this Mavericks team and this writer believes it almost impossible. More interesting to see whether the Mavs make the playoffs, will be to see what changes Cuban makes in order to compete once again. For now theirs is a season of disarray and disappointment.