LA’s Finest?

Even though the Lakers will have the number 1 seed going into the NBA Playoffs, the number 1 seed doesn’t carry the same weight as any other previous season. The reason being is that all the games will be played in Orlando at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. The Lakers did beat the Clippers in their opening seeding game, the Clippers however were without key players in Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams. Those two players are the Clippers’ best two players not named Kawhi Leonard and Paul George respectively. The Lakers beat the Clippers by a LeBron James layup.

Since that game the Lakers have lost to the Raptors, Thunder, and Rockets while beating the Jazz in between. The Rockets loss really showed how inconsistent every Laker not named LeBron or Anthony is. Lakers fans should take note, that besides the fact their team is the number 1 seed there’s not much consistent help for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. A player like Kyle Kuzma or Danny Green has to consistently step up and be the third scorer the Lakers so badly need.

The Los Angeles Clippers mean while have at least 7 guys from whom they could get 20 pts. The first three are Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Lou Williams. Then right behind them are Montrezl Harrell, Marcus Morris, Patrick Beverly, Reggie Jackson, and the big man Ivica Zubac. The point here is that the LA Clippers are a much deeper team than the LA Lakers and find themselves as the 2 seed only because injuries have kept all these guys from playing together at the same time. And when they play together, they do so in stellar fashion.
A team from LA will most likely battle for the hardware when all’s said and done, but just don’t expect it to be the typical one. As for who’s LA’s finest? That will be decided in Orlando.

Enjoy the games!