NBA Finals Preview: Lakers vs Heat Showdown

Here we are, near the end of the wild road of 2020. The Los Angeles Lakers against the Miami Heat.  Not the Finals match-up most predicted, largely because of who came out on top in the East. But make no mistake about it, these are the two best teams in their respective conferences. This is basketball – 7 games series per round, a game where the stars of the team are given the chance to win the game.

The glamorous Lakers squad, who were favorites to start the year, led by two of the top 5 players in the world in Lebron James and Anthony Davis, against the rough-rider team that eerily reminds us of the 2004 Detroit Pistons…the Miami Heat.

The Lakers won the season series against the Heat, 2-0.  But this ain’t the regular season. Bubble ball has been it’s own reality – where recent past and future don’t matter.

We all know the bare minimum that the stars in the series are going to bring (Lebron, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo). This series will be about match ups, X factors and supporting cast.

It also comes down to whether the Heat can keep in the game in the 4th quarter. If they can, the Miami Heat have been nothing short of spectacular closing gaps and winning games in crunch time in every series they’ve played – including against superior talented teams.

 If Bam Adebayo can bring an energy level in big moments to make up for the clear talent gap between himself and A.D, that would be big. On the flip side, if “playoff Rondo” leaves his mark in big moments that shifts momentum, the Lakers would gain from that big time. The shooting sensation by Miami’s gunners, namely Goran Dragic, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro, will be an important factor. They will most likely out shoot the Lakers, but will it be enough to keep the Heat in the game going into the 4th quarter?

The establishment and most mainstream experts have the Lakers winning it all – with the great Lebron James winning his 4th ring. Not enough can be said about his magical career, once again he finds himself in the finals for his TENTH TIME.

HOWEVER, the TIP-IN experts predict an upset! The Miami Heat *will* keep it close going into the 4th quarters, where their meaner dog fighting, lead by the big dog himself, Jimmy Butler, will win games.

… 1 more game than the Lakers, to be precise.

Heat in 7.