Numbers Numbers Numbers…..24,16,21,9,5,34,and 33,= winners tonight?

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The last Tip In appeared on Wednesday, 24th of November prior to the Pick Man’s trip to Vegas for 5 nights of craziness.

The results of the 24th’s picks are listed below today’s games.

Today’s NBA Games 11/30

Lakers-5.5 at Grizzlies

The Lakers are looking to avoid their first 3 game losing streak in since the 2008 Pre-Pau days. What better place to do this than in Memphis? Under Phil Jackson’s tutelage, the Lakers are an astounding 29-10 vs. the Grizzlies. Yes, there was a monster named Shaq during many of those wins, but in their last 10 match-ups against the Grizzlies the Lakers boast an 8-2 record, having won 7 of the last 8 meetings overall and 5 of their last 6 at Memphis. 

The Lakers Offense is currently the BEST in the League, putting up a whopping 109.5 points per outing. The Lakers are also currently ranked 3rd in rebounding with Windex force glass cleaning of 45.7 rebounds a game, and currently rank 4th in Assists with an average of 23.6 per contest. 

#’s 24 and 16 are currently the league’s second most formidable scoring tandem behind only the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. The Laker D  ranks 3rd in opponents’ field goal percentage, allowing or perhaps causing their opponents to shoot a dismal 43% overall and 32% from 3’s. Overall, The Lakers are currently the NBA’s best differential team, and are winning games by an average margin of 9.5 points.

 However through the first 17 games (13-4) of their 2010-11 season , the Lakers have seen a decline in Ron Artest’s productivity. Artest is currently shooting a lower overall FG percentage and scoring less points per game. Derek Fisher meanwhile is hitting a regular season career high 47% from 3’s.

The Memphis Grizzlies meanwhile, are once again off to a disappointing start at 7-10. Looking for some sort of spark from his team, Grizzlies’ Head Coach Lionel Hollins, decided to bench former USC sensation O.J Mayo after seeing both how WEAK his Grizzlies’ bench production was through its first 13 and how poorly Mayo has played thus far, in spite of getting roughly the same minutes as last year. Both Mayo’s points (DOWN 4ppg from 17.6 to 13.9) and FG %(DOWN from 44% to 40%)  have gone down thus far. Despite Mayo’s dismay about coming off the bench, the Grizzlies have gone 3-1 since the move was made and their bench productivity is up 18 points a game , from 20 bench points to 38 bench points per game, when Mayo comes off the pine. 

It’s difficult to get a feel for what this really means due to this Mayo off the bench experiment having only been recently implemented. Aside from the fact that the Grizzlies have only brought Mayo off the bench 4 times this season, the Grizzlies played against only 1 formidable, ehh OVERATED? opponent in the Miami Heat, whom the Grizzlies beat on Rudy Gay’s buzzer beater over LeBron James. What did Mayo score in that game you ask? Well, he had an impressive 2 points which turned out to be the difference maker in the game, but just not in the end. 

The Grizzlies won 3 straight (ALL AT HOME) against the Heat, Pistons, and Warriors after losing in D.C. to the lowly Wizards. The Grizzlies followed their season high 3 game win streak, with an ugly road loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Grizzlies have gone 3-2 over the span of their last 5 games, during which O.J. Mayo put up point totals of, 3,2,9,23 and 13 on 36.3% field goal shooting.

The Grizz do however rank among the league’s best in steals per game and are currently 2nd with 9.76 steals a game, the Grizz also lead the NBA in forced turnovers causing their opponents to give up the rock 18 times per game. 

Michael Conley leads the team with 2.35 STLS/g.   The Grizzlies however rank among the lower 30% of the League in both Assists and how many points they allow their opponents to score with the woeful numbers of 19 asts/g and 101.9 pts/g allowed. 

The Lakers’ hung 124 points on the Cuddly Bears en route to a 124-105  Staples Center massacre exactly 4 weeks ago today. Look for a  Memphis loss again tonight, as the Lakers will most certainly not drop their 3rd game in a row. 

The Pick Man parlayed this game and has the Lakers+4.5 on a 4 Team +10 teaser. 

The Pick Man made a SOLID play on the Lakeshow-4.5 as well.

Lakers with a Big W on the road at Memphis. 24+16 = > Grizzlies +4.5

Celtics-7 at Cavaliers 
The Boston Celtics have thus far been the 5th Best Defense in the NBA, outscoring their opponents by an average of 7.2 points/game. The Celtics are also leading the league in Assists with a stellar 26.3 assists/game.

Half of these assists come from Assist Master Rajon Rondo, who is currently in the process of trying to become the 1st PG since Short Shorts Stockton to average 14 assists a game.   

TODAY it was announced by the Boston Globe, that Rondo has foot problems (plantar fasciitis)but that he WILL play through the season.

In his first game back from a hamstring strain, on Friday, November 26th, Rondo went to work on the Raptors  with 14 assists. The 110-101 win was a revenge game victory for the Celtics, who appeared sluggish in 102-101 RONDO-LESS loss at Toronto 5 days earlier.

After that earlier Sunday loss to the Raptors and just when it appeared that there was cause for concern in Boston, the Celtics came out energized on Monday the 22nd in Atlanta and gave the  Hawks a good ole’ Fashioned 99-76 NBA ASS WHOOPN. The Celts then went on to win at home against the New Jersey Nets, (without Rondo) and won in Rondo’s aforementioned comeback-revenge match against the Raptors on this past Friday. 

All in all, the Celtics have won 3 straight games and will have revenge on their minds tonight when they travel back to Home Loan Crisis Arena, eh Quicken Loans? 

The Cavaliers continue to have a good coach in Byron Scott (As mentioned in Previous Tip In’s) but continue to play horrible basketball. The Cavs have lost 6 of their last 9 and are the 3rd WORST scoring team in the NBA.

PG Mo Williams is the Cavaliers’ scoring leader with a weaksauce output of 16 points a game. The Cavaliers allow on average 4 more points than they score and will be chased by a 3 days rested vengeful Celtics team.

 If there’s one thing that the league and its followers have come to learn over the course of the past 3 seasons, it’s that when the Celtics come for revenge they get it and are absolutely merciless in doing so. 

The only questions that remain are whether the Celtics will actually show up and whether the Cavaliers can focus on the task at hand and not think about LeBron James taking a dump in their locker room come Thursday. 

At 7-9, whatever the Cavaliers are thinking doesn’t really matter much. They’re going to get dumped on tonight by the Celtics and then again by the Heat come Thursday. 

Pick Man has the Celtics-7 on a parlay and the Celtics +3 on a 4 TEAM +10 Teaser.   Celtics on the Moneyline is also a solid play on parlay.

9+ 5+20+34 – LBJ= Celtics Massacre of the Cavaliers.

Pistons at Magic-10.5
The Orlando Magic enter tonight’s home game against the Detroit Pistons tied for 1st Place in the Eastern Conference at 12-4. The Magic’s success is in large part due to the outstanding play of having the BEST BIG MAN IN THE NBA at Center in Dwight Howard, and by the Magic’s defensive tenacity. The Magic come into this game tonight having won 7 of their last 10 and having put together win streaks of 4 and 3 games respectively after suffering losses. 

The Magic give up a paltry, 3rd best in the NBA, anorexic 92.7 points per game to their opponents while putting up just under 100 themselves. Additionally, the Magic currently rank 9th in rebounding with an average of 42.3 rebs/ game. 

The Pistons franchise, on the other hand, (as written here before) is the only Detroit business going down faster than the Motor City’s auto-industry. The shouting matches between Tay Prince and John Kuester have been well documented, as has the huge bust that rookie Center Monroe has turned out to be.  Additionally, the Pistons are overstocked at the SG/SF position with guys like Daye, Prince, Gordon, Hamilton, Bynum, and Rodney Sucky Stuckey never knowing when they’re going to get minutes nor how to get into a rhythm. 

As if things couldn’t get any worse for those living in Detroit, the Pistons are horrendous at 6-11, 4th WORST in Assists, 3rd WORST in Rebounds, and 7th WORST in offensive output. Oh and by the way, the Pistons also managed to get outscored by an average of 5 points per game. 

It’s early in the season but everyone knows this Pistons’ season is already over, especially TRACY “Kneeds” McGrady, who is now focusing his energy on what LeBron James should have done in the past off season instead of what he (McGrady) “kneeds” to do in order to hide the fact that he’s never gotten out of the First Round of the Playoffs nor played a full NBA Season since Shaq and Kobe were winning titles in Los Angeles. 


O/U 30 games this year Tracy or what?   

Orlando pounded this PISSED ON’s team by 25 in their last meeting in Orlando’s old gym. Tonight will be more of the same, PISSED ON’s ineptitude at the offensive end and rebounding side of things will leave them feeling like PONTIAC. 

Dwight Howard will prove to be too much inside and the Magic’s outside shooters should make this another Magic blow out. 

The Pick Man has Orlando-10.5 on a 5 team parlay. After Orlando’s weak no cover on Saturday at the Washington Wizards (Without Wall), taking them here is a risky bet given how much the Magic don‘t pass the ball to their big man and shoot 3’s instead. 

A Magic blow out of the Pistons by more than 11 wouldn’t surprise here but then again neither would a vintage Stan Van Gundy meltdown loss. 

The Bottom Line is stay the hell away from this game UNLESS, the Pissed On’s are teased to +20.5 or the Magic are teased to -.5.

Go Magic!!!!!!

Nets vs. Knicks-4.5 
Brooke and Devin vs. Amare’, Danilo, and Wilson Chandler.

Simple, don’t touch this game with a ten foot pole. The only real loser here is the Tri-State basketball fan who’s had to watch these miserable excuses for basketball. 

The Knicks are at .500 at the deepest point in the season since before Katrina. The Nets meanwhile are playing the crying games with Troy Murphy and Terrance Williams getting pacifier sponsorships soon. Neither one of these Sorpranos’ body bags plays any defense, so if anything at all bet the over 204.Then again neither of these teams is any good at shooting. However, the Battle for the 8th seed continues tonight.

The Knicks did have a winning streak though and NJ did beat Portland but flukes happen all the time. We’ll see who’s the ruler of the Hudson tonight.
The Battle for the 8th seed continues tonight. 

Pacers-3 at Kings

 The Kings are the only team in the NBA or at least among a very few teams that make the Pissed On’s look good. 
Demarcus Cousins needs his diaper changed, Kings Head Coach Paul Westphal hasn’t been relevant since the 1993 Playoff’s,  SG Tyreke Evans badly needs a point guard, Jason Thompson needs another team, Samuel Dalembert’s services would be better used in Haiti, Francisco Garcia had one good Final Four, Beno Udrih wasn’t signed for guys like Gerret Temple, and the rest of the Queens play worse than D-Leaguers. 

The Pacers on the other hand, are starting to come together in the ways that Larry Bird had hoped. The Pacers have been getting solid seasons from Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger, Brandon Rush, James Posey, and almost all the the Great White Hopes that Larry drafted in Dunleavy, Foster, McRoberts, and Hansboro. 

PICK 33= Lock of the Day….
The Indiana Pacers should absolutely mop the floor with the Sacramento Kings.  This line is a gift at Indiana-3. There is no one on the Kings’ roster that hope to stop either Hibbert or Granger. Rush and Posey will do a great job defending Evans.

The Pacers will blow out the Kings tonight. No doubt about it. 

Spurs-4 at Warriors
Spurs have owned this series and won the last several games against GSW by an average of 18. Warriors are among the worst on D, Tim Duncan has owned the Warriors for his career with a huge record against them, the Spurs are 3rd in scoring.

The only thing that could turn this into a huge GSW upset is David Lee, Monta Ellis, and Stephen Curry explosion but against this revitalized Spurs team, who’s owned the GSW, Pop is allowing no let downs. 

Spurs by 4, Spurs in a blow out, UNLESS CURRY AND ELLIS go for 60-80. 
The Pick Man has the Spurs on 2 +10 point, 4 team teasers, and also on a parlay. 

Blazers-3 vs. 76ers
Blazers have more guys in the hospital than NATO troops in the Middle East and the 76ers have the consistency of a Carnival Cruise ship.

Reading the Declaration of Independence in cursive next to the Liberty Bell would be more fun than watching this game. 

It’ll be a game of hot potato as neither team will really want to win. The Blazers look like they could lose games they should and could win, while the 76ers are like a walk through Castro Street at night, you have no idea of what you’re going to get!!!!

Enjoy the games tonight!!!!!

Pick Man’s Plays for 11/30

5 team Parlay 
Orlando -10.5
******This bet/parlay is a small amount to pay HUGE…

4 team +10 teaser
Celts+3 at Cavs
Lakes+4.5 at Grizz
Spurs+6 at Warriors
Pacers+6.5 at Kings

4 Team +10 Teaser
Lakes+4.5 at Grizz
Magic-.5 over Pissed On’s in Orlando
Spurs+6 at Warriors
Pacers+6.5 at Kings

As picked here by the Pick Man last Wednesday November 24, 2010 
The Orlando Magic demolished the Miami Heat in Orlando, easily covering the -3.5 spread with a 104-95 victory.

The Dallas Mavericks flattened the FAVORED Oklahoma City Thunder(-4), by the final score of 111-104. The Pick Man took this on the +160ML, with the +4 spread, and as part of the WINNING TEASER posted here on the 24th of November, 2010. 

The Boston Celtics DID NOT  COVER  a -11.5 spread over the visiting New Jersey Nets but DID WIN on the ML, as picked here by a final margin of 89-83. 

The Toronto Raptors-5.5 at home against the Philadelphia 76ers: DID COVER both the -4 spread and Moneyline bets the Pick Man suggested with a 106-90 blow out win over the 76ers.

The Pick Man was also DOMINANT in both picking the Utah Jazz to beat the New Orleans Hornets+3.5 in Utah and in correctly picking that the score would be OVER 191.5. The Jazz stung the Hornets, 105-87. Doing the quick math, you’ll see that the Tip In was right by 1/2 or .5 Points. Every point counts right? Well here a half point lead the Pick Man to the pay window and at the end of the sports day, THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. 

The Pick Man’s bread on Spurs-8 at Minnesota Timberwolves went moldy as the Spurs FAILED to cover winning 113-109. However the Pick Man was Dead on in taking the Spurs ML and in buying points to lower the spread. (See teaser)

Lastly, all of this hit as quoted here on The Tip In, 

The Blog has the Bulls, Knicks, Mavericks, and Spurs on a 10pt Teaser meaning the Suns have to beat Chi by 13, Okc-14 vs Dallas, Charlotte -15.5 vs. Knicks and Spurs+2 at MNN. This can give you up to 76% back on your wager and is an easy pickens.”

 4 Team 10 point Teaser  Results November 24,2010
1.)Bulls+13 OVER  Suns (Final Score with no points, Bulls 123- Suns 115, with points=133-115)
2.)MAVS+14 OVER Thunder (Final Score with no points Mavericks 111-104 Thunder, with points125-104.)

3.)Knicks+15.5 OVER Bobcats (Final Score with no points Knicks 99-Bobcats 95, with points 114.5-95.)

4.)Spurs+2 at Timberwolves (Final Score with no points Spurs 113-109, with points 115-109.)

As picked by The Tip In, the New England Patriots feasted on the +6.5 Lions by the tune of 45-24.